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Why Us? Because it is your Family's Legacy!

Time.  It’s our most precious gift, but one that constantly moves and shifts.  It’s hard to hold on to.   Commissioning me to capture your wonderful moments is one way that you can. I vow to give you the ultimate portrait experience from start to finish including the creation of amazing memories, my full devotion and experience, to the perfect product on your wall or in a custom signature album. From the first phone call to the final step of delivering your memories to your home.  Locations that are carefully scouted for it’s unique and beautiful landscapes and booking special occasions for your commission, from a private single horse drawn sleigh ride, a scenic gondola ride to the top of the mountain or a hike in the stunning wildflower hill sides. Or perhaps capturing your family on a day on the mountains skiing, from getting ready in the morning to the gondola ride to the end of the day finishing off with a cup of hot cocoa is more up your alley. I create fun, fresh and compelling portraits.  Real moments, everlasting memories.  I specialize in Family & Child Photography and especially have a passion for photographing the little ones.  I love capturing their personalities and to truly make them shine during our time together.  I believe it is the tiniest moments between a child and parent or sibling that become the most cherished memories.

Capturing the beauty of gesture, laughter and spirit within a photograph is only part of the portrait commission experience. I know that every time you look at your portrait on your wall, or your photographs in your custom signature album, you will be filled with the emotions and memories associated with the day the camera clicked. The skills and attention to detail that my team devotes to you ensures that your time creating amazing memories is as wonderful as the completed commission. We creature beautiful custom portraits of your family and precious moments captured with your kids. We offer an amazing selection of carefully curated and beautifully produced, custom photography products and provide guidance to help you make choices that fit your family portraits in the best way.  Family memories artfully framed and displayed. Decorating your home with meaning.  Your images are created to be viewed and admired, if that is is through one of our beautiful custom signature albums or through beautiful all art, your images are not to be tucked away in a drawer on a disc. 
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I have my team of specialist from the Interior Designer who assists in designing the layout and perfect location for your wall art in your home to our in house custom frame expert that will ensure that your images will be preserved and showcased to perfection. And yes, we have the perfect person too to come and install your images on the walls too.

The real joy of photography is seeing, enjoying, and sharing your custom family portraits with friends and loved ones.  This is art that adds quality to your life and beauty to your home — everyday.  

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You are worried how the kids will behave? Forget ocean filled panoramas or mountain peak vistas, photographing children is probably one of the more challenging assignments for professional photographers. Children have very short attention spans.  They’re supposed to though because their brains are in full development mode; sitting still is not what they are preprogrammed to do.  Joy and discovery, on the other hand, is very much a part of a child’s curiosity and learning.  So how do you catch that real moment? This is where my 20 years of experience working with children and their families really comes into play. I work with parents to relax & enjoy the session. I am sensitive to the needs of children and I understand that some take longer then others to come out of their little shell. This is why you hired me, so trust me! I provide a lot of direction during the session so you will know exactly what to do. Because children are unpredictable it’s my job to be ready for anything! And I always am! It’s precisely the unpredictability that can make your portraits beautiful and unique. Parents sometimes feel anxious because sessions don’t seem to be going “perfectly”, or they feel their children aren’t “cooperating”, but those few moments that might include a tantrum, or seem chaotic, are real and beautiful. I urge you to embrace what’s happening, secure in the knowledge that your photographs will be stunning and capture the very best of your family. People are often surprised to see that there are so many great pictures to choose from, when all they remember is their “wild” child.