Recent Raves from our awesome dads!

 "We all love to look back in time through old photographs, but not all of us love being in front of the  camera. The first time Gabi took our photos, she had it all under control from the moment we started. Her energy, experience and enthusiasm made the shoot enjoyable. Gabi made us feel like we were old friends, and that was a huge part of keeping us relaxed, and it shows in our photos. 
Thanks for the smiles, Gabi."     Colin ~ Squamish, BC

"Gabi is more than just an exceptional photographer, she is incredibly skilled at coaxing reluctant smiles from the unwilling, a master at capturing just the right moment of laughter or that 'look' that you see in your child every day. And she does so effortlessly.  She has a magical way about her that calms the nervous ones and simultaneously manages to keep it fun and upbeat. Gabi will wow you every step of the way, amaze you with her beautifully captured photos, and leave you wondering why you didn't call her sooner." 
Carson ~ Whistler, BC

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" I was a bit apprehensive the first time my wife said we where having family photos done as I didn't know what to expect. I thought it would be hard to keep my attention, little alone the kids.  Gabi makes everybody feel very comfortable, especially the kids, and she has a way of capturing everyone's attention resulting in beautiful images.  It was a lot of fun for everyone, and I must say brought out the kid in me on more than one occaision. The results ...well, they speak for themselve! Joy and everlasting memories, that when shared with ​grandparents and family, become priceless for everyone . Thank you Gabi! " Nicholas ~ Whistler

Whistler dad Family Session Whistler

"I had an amazing time during my family session with Gabi. She has a way of making you feel relaxed and at ease instantly. She has  an amazing way with kids and our family photos will be a yearly occurrence that I will look forward too." Todd ~ Whistler, BC



"My wife and I have been using Gabi over the past 3 years to celebrate my wife’s pregnancies as well as newborn images of our two children. I can honestly say that Gabi is the most talented photographer I have ever met. She is extremely easy going and makes the process fun and easy.  I would highly recommend Gabi for your family portraits". Dylan ~ Whistler BC


We started working with Gabi when we were expecting our first baby. Now, 4 years and 2 sons later, we have an amazing collection of timeless memories all captured beautifully and presented with the utmost professionalism. Gabi is consistently impressing me with her originality, enthusiasm and personal touch. Thank you Gabi for giving us memories for life, we look forward to working with you for many years to come" Kane ~ Squamish, BC

Whistler Fall PhotosGabi Moeller Photography

"Our photo session with Gabi was awesome. What I remember most were the smiles. From my kids and my wife and me. There was a wonderful feeling of celebrating our loving family and having fun at the same time. Gabi was able to capture all of those emotions in her photographs. Now when I look at those pictures I am transported back to that time and place, and I see all those wonderful smiles that I love so much.  Thank you for the memories Gabi". Nicholas ~ Courtenay, BC


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"Gabi is very professional and she made the process easy and fun for all of us.  The photos turned out incredible"! 
Mark ~ Pemberton, BC

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"Family Photos can be stressful, but Gabi makes it fun for everyone and the photos are amazing". Mike ~ Whistler, BC

Family Photos FallGabi Moeller Photography